Top Social Media Marketing Trends This Year
01 Dec 2014

Social media has become one of the most important marketing vessels that there is for business large and small alike. Forbes has made a list of the top trends dominating in the field this year.

Social Media Investment is a Necessity

Social media used to be a luxury for business, but it is now turning the corner into necessity territory. This includes purposefully reallocating funds from traditional marketing methods into investing in their social media accounts. This also might require a change in the education and training of work personnel, since many people are still new to the social media game.

Google+ Will Become More Important

Half of markets are currently using the social media platform, but many business wonder if it’s the right tool for them. Google announced that its program does not use social signals in it’s algorithm, so that confused a lot of people. What it is certainly good for is connecting to a wide variety of people but also to establish their business Google rank on the internet.

Image-centric Networks Will Grow

Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat will not be able to compete directly with Facebook at this time, but they are still huge contenders. They draw very loyal databases of users that might be the key ingredient that makes them so important for marketing. These products are habit forming so people stay on them longer and therefore are more likely to connect to product. Interestingly it appears that men have a faster tap out on Pinterest but that the longer women stay on it the more pinning activity they engage in. That is huge information for companies that focus on a woman centered market.

The Rise of Micro Video

Vine and Instagram are becoming popular ways for companies to share a message quickly and effectively, sort of like a mini commercial without pushing it in anyone’s face. It can create a behind the scenes personal feeling that customers and clients really respond well too. Instagram is currently way ahead of Vine as far as business is concerned.

Foursquare Will Change

The makers behind Foursquare recently shifted the app into two separate apps in an attempt to stay relevant. One half called Swarm allows neighborhood sharing and manual checkins, while the original Foursquare app will stop allowing check ins and move into more of a Yelp type platform.

MySpace Will Grow

Although many people ditched their MySpace accounts years ago, they’re still there and the company has been trying to entice users back by emailing an assortment of the photos they left behind. It has seen an increase in users but it’s still far behind more popular sites like Facebook.

The Power of LinkedIn Will Grow For B2B

LinkedIn is still the primary social media platform for businesses, especially the B2B marketers. It’s actually ahead of Facebook and Twitter in the B2B markets. It’s page usage jumped from 24% to 57% in a year.

Have you noticed any of these changes in social media taking place this year? Do you agree with the predictions of what will come next? Let us know!



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