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24 May 2016

The Internet passed through a time when it was riddled with incorrect and unreliable information. But today, audiences use the Internet so frequently that it has evolved into being a real source of credible knowledge. People say it all the time: “You can find anything on the Internet.” There’s endless content swimming through the web being accessed by the billions of people on the Internet. So what content is relevant? What content is most popular? Here’s a list of the top content verticals on the web today.

1. Fitness And Health
Since this is a category that anyone can relate to, it never gets old. People are always looking for updated information about how to stay or become healthy and fit. Over time, this topic has actually increased in popularity; these days, healthy and fit is “in.”

The content for this category ranges anywhere from how tos, dos and don’ts, workout routines to reach your goals, nutrition advice, lifestyle advice, to research and studies. No matter what the approach, whether there’s pictures, videos or words, ultimately people need that written and researched assurance.

Audiences want to feel informed and have the knowledge to share with others and their credibility is much greater when they read it, especially when the articles provide actual research or expert advice.

2. Business And Finance
Money, money, money. Obviously, this topic really never gets old. Everyone has a relationship with money and there are millions ready to read about it. Endless avenues, approaches and topics can fill articles abound in this category. Business encompasses infinite topics as it is diverse, has many components and is constantly evolving. The millions of employees and hopeful entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for updated information.

Written content is absolutely essential in this category. Readers are looking for concrete advice and information. The approaches range from research and statistics to advice based on personal experience. While most content categories rely heavily on facts and science, business often boils down to experience. The marketing advice that comes from someone who has actually run a successful campaign is more invaluable.

Since culture constantly evolves, the market fluctuates and peoples’ preferences vary, business is an ever-changing category that can be written about until the end of time. In relation, finance is directly related to business and just as people want and often, need, to stay informed on business trends, they also want to keep up with finance.

3. Nutrition And Diet
Everyone eats! Therefore it should come as no surprise that dieting is one of the most popular content categories around. With society yearning to reach their ideal shape and size, audiences are constantly looking for nutritional advice.

But, people don’t just want to see recipes. That alone would yield a lower traffic rate at a shorter duration. People use the Internet to seek out knowledge. Audiences crave more than a recipe. They love details.

Research and expert testimonial in regards to nutrition is particularly beneficial, especially for any diet or cleanse. Content that includes real data and well-written information is spot on and most highly desired. After all, no one wants to be told what he or she should be eating without the reasons why. The research is what separates the valuable content from everything else.

4. Travel
The world is a very big and diverse place. There are endless aspects of travel to be discussed – starting with locations alone. Not only are there copious amount of countries to cover, every country has different cities (or sights, if the country is tiny) to be explored! The activities people can do vary incredibly and traveling is something that practically everyone would care to at least try.

Pictures and videos are excellent visual aids for travel writing, but people really get the thick of the information from written content. It’s definitely important to include the visuals because that’s an enormous allure for travel, but audiences want written advice, lists, suggestions, interesting history tidbits and cultural nuances.

A picture alone doesn’t immerse the website visitor quite like written information can. Travel writing is an art and the travel business literally sells happiness. And when you really think about it, what’s more enticing than a vacation?

5. Fashion
Here’s a multi-billion dollar industry that influences all of society’s appearance. The word “fashion” immediately produces images of runway models and rings your ears of designer names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana. The interesting thing about this category is that people who can’t afford designer clothes will still read and obsess over designer clothes. An interest in fashion seems to be all that matters.

Unlike other categories, such as music and movies, people don’t need to actually be wearing the clothes to like them and want to read about them (whereas people can easily listen to music and watch movies). The fashion industry is certainly more like art, and some say it is in fact, wearable art. You don’t need to own it, you just want to see it, talk about it and read about.

It’s difficult to discuss fashion without a visual aid. However, a picture, obviously, doesn’t actually discuss the fashion. Typically, videos are merely runway shows or in a music video style, which is great for the same visual aspect as photos, but written content provides actual information for the audience to digest. Similar to travel writing, people can’t feel included in the industry with mere visuals. Content for this category can range from discussing a designer’s aesthetics, fabric choices and changes from past designs to what’s in right now for the season, how tos (like how to dress preppy), career advice, fashion journalism and whether or not leggings should be worn as pants.

6. Pop Culture
Celebrities, TV shows, music and movies interest everyone. Pop culture is often an immediate go-to topic when people talk in person and that also makes it a popular category on the Internet.

Articles about celebrities are all over the web, reviews on anything and everything can be found in a Google search and flushing out your own opinions in a blog about anything in pop culture is practically like having an in person monologue, right? People watch the TV shows and movies and then they want to read about them on the Internet. Clearly, written content is essential here.

The whole idea is discussion, opinion, facts and everybody being a critic. Articles about pop culture tend to yield high comment rates because they’re relatable to the everyday person. People get invested in TV, music and movies and in those that provide these entities. And, this category is constantly shoveling out new material, as people want more shows and songs to enjoy, which means the content is never ending.

7. Politics
Any news outlet can tell you that politics is one of the heavy hitters on content. Political figures can literally shape our lives – they work with the law and the law is rather important to all of us (well, most of us).

Not to mention, there’s always a good counter-perspective story to be presented. With two primary political parties, there are two sides to be illuminated and this certainly piques audience interest. Also, politics is working its engines daily, and it can encompass one city, one country or the entire world.

Written content is key for truly providing insight into this category. Even with videos, audiences need a written component to elaborate on the situation. Politics is a continuous stream of events and often requires some background and additional circumstantial information. Articles can also discuss political moves, ideologies, tactics, policies, rivalries and affects on everyday people. Activism is also another prevalent avenue under this category that people may feel exceptionally connected to and want to read about.

8. Dating And Romance
Whether you’re single or taken, dating and romance advice never ceases to be missed. The immediate approach would be advice and suggestions, particularly from personal experience or perhaps a marriage counselor or sex therapist, but this category can also be explored as personal blogging and perspectives on partner lifestyle. Certainly, advice takes the cake on this one.

How to get a date, how to kick someone to the curb, how to be charming, the best Valentine’s gifts, the worst anniversary ideas, how to make someone stick around for good and the list goes on. Written content is certainly going to be preferred in this area as well because that makes it more universal to everyone.

Dating and partnership is an essential part of many peoples’ lives, and millions yearn to complete their life with that component. Naturally, those people are keen to read about what they want to have and what they want to keep.

All in all, whatever content you choose to have, quality is key. Researched and well-polished articles provide the modern angle of information audiences are looking for. People want real perspectives, accurate data and invaluable advice in the form of well-written content.

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