Tips From the Woman Behind Cadbury’s Social Media Success
10 Nov 2014

Besides learning through action, there’s no better way to learn about business options than to listen to advice from the experts who have been in your position. Forbes sat down with Sonia Carter, the woman behind all of Cadbury’s social media success and got some insight into her success as the Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing for Mondelez Europe. Here are some of the chosen insights.

Cast A Wider Net

Cadbury was lucky enough to became a sponsor of the 2012 Olympics, which was a great opportunity for the brand to latch onto digital efforts and connect with a wide group of people. This ended up being a much wider group of people than they anticipated. They used their social media accounts to connect to people in a personal way and ended up adding 2.5 million fans and followers to their social media accounts in the days leading up to the games. Being flexible is the key thing, while staying true to your overall business objective.

Do Whatever You Need to Do to Reach as Many People As Possible

Sonia admits to using paid media to garner a lot of their successes. One of their bigger campaigns focused on a younger audience went from a 100K reach to 5M in the U.S. When surveyed after 18% of people said that social media directly related their purchase, and 21% were influenced by TV ads. This is an example of a small investment getting huge return.

Execution Might Change, But Brand Stays the Same

A successful business will have a sound business theory that holds true across a variety of markets even in different companies. How you approach different clients and customers will have to change based on where you are, but the mission statement and theme of the company should remain the same. Your content should always represent what the brand stands for. Have clear business goals but also make sure that all of the content you put there is high quality and specific.

This includes learning from both successes and failures as you go along, and always be willing to change and grow and adapt to the ways the world changes with you.

Have you had the experience of having to be flexible yes authentic in your marketing goals? Let us know!


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