Include Influencers in Your Content Strategy
19 Jan 2015

Utilizing influencers to promote your stuff is a huge part of any content strategy, but it certainly isn’t the only thing you should be using them for. It is however going to be crucial to know when and what steps during the way you should be reaching out to them. The Moz Blog offered some tips about how to stay organized and know when to bring the influencers into the process.

Measure an Influencers True Value

To know who is going to help give your company a boost by promoting your company to their wide variety of followers, you should know what makes someone an influencer and what role this information will play. To get traffic of your own or build awareness you should know that it’s not necessarily the number of followers an inlfuencer has, but how many of them are engaged followers. Using an analytics tool on sites like Twitter will show you how many of the people on there are actually reading and engaging in the Tweets that they’re posting. Getting a lot of shares is extremely important to spread content. Also think about why this person became an influencer in the first place, if they have good ideas maybe ask them for their opinions about your content.

Lead With Strategy

You need to know which platforms your audience interacts with and who they trust to know what sort of campaign goals to set. Different influencers use different platforms as well, so you might need to slightly alter your campaign depending on which one they use the most. You want everything to make sense so that you can not only get new clients but keep the trust and interest of the ones that you have. Everything should seem organic and seamless between both you and the influencer’s message. Be careful not to ask too much of an influencer at the beginning. You should work on building relationships with them so that you can create a lasting bond, not just inundating them with requests they might not want to do.

Find Influencers

When you really understand the role that influencers should be playing in your strategy then you work on trying to find the right ones. There are a variety of different tools and databases you can use to try and find the type of person you’re looking for. For example, ClearVoice organizes expert writers based on their topic of choice, which makes it easier for you to find the people you need for your own business content.

Have you used inlfuencers on social media to boost your own content? Would any of these ideas have been helpful to your choosing the right ones? Let us know your thoughts!

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