Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Preparation and planning will lead to success

Preparation and planning will lead to success…

How do you stand out when there are billions of websites publishing trillions of articles on the internet? With a content strategy that delivers fresh ideas and resourceful context that is relevant to your target audience. While much easier said than done, an effective content strategy delivers a road-map to help you plan, develop, manage, and publish your content.

Content Strategy Principles

  1. Identify your core content mission. Leave a long-lasting impression by establishing your brand’s identity. Are you looking to become an authoritative resource? A viral hotbed?
  2. Value should always be top of mind. All of your content should give your readers value in some shape, manner, or form. Whether enlightening, entertaining, or empowering, you want to give your readers something worth talking about and you want them to feel compelled to return. When mapping out your content strategy, always ask yourself what your readers are getting in return.
  3. Content discovery & evolution. Learn from your results. Your content strategy should be revised and updated routinely. Garnering insights from your site analytics, your content should meet the needs of your readership. Deliver the content Gotham deserves.
  4. Be patiently precise. When it comes to digital publishing, the return on investment for content is a life-long calculation. An article that you publish this month will continue to drive traffic and revenue for the lifetime that it is published. Immediate “flash in a pan” success is never sustainable. Stick with your game-plan and  continue to work smarter. You’re better off with a three story house of bricks than with a five story house of straw.

Content Strategy Services

Develop or refine your brand’s content strategy with the support of Content Cavalry. Our full-service strategy team will help you:

  • Craft your content mission, category road-map, and value proposition.
  • Deliver a detailed editorial calendar aligned to your niche
  • Identify key insights and analytics to guide best practices
  • Research topics that are currently trending or are poised to become a trending topic
  • Build training programs and guidelines for your writers and editors
  • Distribute your content across the most effective channels

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