Content Creation

Content Creation

If you build it, they will come

If you build it, they will come…

Whether you’re looking for traffic, engagement, brand awareness leads, customers,  or sales, it all starts with content. More importantly, it all starts with value. It doesn’t matter if your content is a video, tweet, article, or e-book. For all-intent purposes, effective content should give readers value. This doesn’t mean that you have to be hosting giveaways, it just means that your audience should be entertained, enlightened, or empowered by your content.

How Your Content Can Deliver Value

  • Educate: Teach your readers something new. This doesn’t have to be an ancient secret, it can be over-looked tips to help your audience.
  • Inform: Help summarize a current event that is happening in your niche. The Skimm made an entire business around this. Better yet, help your audience by simplifying a complex subject – one of Reddit’s most profound subs is proof of the value here.
  • Entertain: There is a reason why people can watch cat videos and movie trailers all day long. Think about what your niche finds to be entertaining. Tip: Humor or feel-good content usually wins when it comes to entertaining content. The gentlemen at DudePerfect know exactly what we’re talking about.
  • Inspire: Words have power. Effective content has the ability to empower people to take action. Whether you’re motivating your readership to be more healthy or to save more money, your content can be just the push that your audience needs. With great content comes great responsibility.

Content Cavalry Content Services

Content comes in many forms. Our team of experts has experience in a variety of niches and content distribution channels. Leverage our content creators to help you:

  • Create articles or blog posts for your website.
  • Develop e-Books for your current audience or to generate leads
  • Craft social media posts that are ready to be scheduled across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, etc.
  • Produce newsletters to nurture your leads and drive conversions
  • Optimize the copy-writing on your landing pages
  • Build your sales letter and sales funnel for your product

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