Why Content Marketing is the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy
07 Jun 2016

A solid content marketing campaign featuring high quality, relevant content is your best bet for solidifying long-term success. Content is something you should nurture and treat as a living, breathing thing. For your brand to thrive, you must put in continual effort to ensure that your content is current, informative and searchable.

Think of it like going to the gym. Hitting the abs machine once a month is not going to give you the washboard stomach you crave, but putting in half an hour at the gym a few times a week will give you results over time. The same goes for content. If you can show your readers that you are a credible source of information by constantly delivering quality content, they will continue to come back to you.

While the standards for quality content will continue to evolve over time, content will never go away in the world of marketing. Brands will always need to find new ways to engage their consumers and to establish themselves as reliable industry experts. Not only can a quality strategic content marketing campaign increase the value of your landing page through Google search results, but it can also be used and reused again as material for social media marketing campaigns. As a relatively inexpensive marketing strategy, content will continue to reward your brand over and over again if properly produced.

Here are just a few reasons for you to consider keeping up with your content marketing campaign for long-term success.

Increase Your Online Visibility
Content influences all other online marketing strategies and specifically improves SEO by creating more online real estate. Every piece of content that you publish carves out a permanent niche for you online, making you more visible and establishing a larger online presence for your brand. This evergreen content lasts forever.

Unless you change the URL or delete your post, every piece of content that you publish is valuable and permanent web real estate that never loses its value. Every new URL is indexed by Google and can be found in organic search results. And this permanence does not mean that you will be stuck with old blog posts haunting your marketing strategies, as you can always go in and spruce up your articles with new and relevant information.

Google needs quality content to thrive, and being on good terms with the search engine should be a priority for you when investing in quality content marketing. Google wants its search results to be as helpful as possible for site visitors, and if your content generates enough recognition and praise, over time you will become a valuable source of information.

Build Your Reputation
If done well, content created through a marketing campaign will establish you as an expert in your respective industry. Well-written, quality content creates brand exposure, converts leads and helps to widen your clientele base.

If content is informative and encourages trust, it can help to secure visitor confidence in your brand, helping you to grow relationships not just with consumers, but also with other brands and industries online. These positive relationships can also help to widen your online visibility. When other brands (not competitors) see that your content is generating attention, they will link to your site, exponentially increasing your online real estate.

Fresh content that is updated on a regular basis will keep visitors returning, especially if you continue to prove to be a reliable source. Being an industry expert is valuable not only in the eyes of your peers—it is also extremely desirable for the effectiveness of search engines. The more content you produce on a particular subject, the higher up you move in organic searches.

This online exposure is key to improving your brand’s reputation in your respective industry. Through social media, content is also readily shareable over avenues such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, lending exposure and diverse visibility to your campaign. Millennials in particular treat content they connect with as an extension of their personality and as a way to communicate their value to others. Gain their trust by consistently delivering quality content and you will see a rise in your reputation over time.

See An Increase In ROI
A long-term investment in content marketing will ensure continuous returns, adding value to your business. One of the key elements of content is the value in its compounding returns.

If you publish twice a week, for example, you will have 110 pieces of content under your belt in the first year. The second year, if you produce the same amount of content, you will have 220 pieces on which to garner results, and so on. The longer you have been publishing content, the more people will have seen your name, and the more people who read your content, the greater the effect you will see with every new piece published.

Content is more than a simple inbound marketing strategy, which generally focuses on establishing initial brand awareness. Content marketing also nurtures leads, which are then converted into sales. As well, it continues to nurture those customer relationships and thus secures future sales. Remember the gym metaphor suggested earlier? This sort of momentum is key when it comes to seeing an improvement in your ROI.

Become A Reliable Source Of Information
Consumers actively ignore ads, yet they continually seek content. Content helps a user increase their knowledge about a topic, measure a brand’s credentials and validate purchasing decisions.

Particularly in the B2C sphere, users crave content that helps them make informed decisions when it comes time to spend their hard-earned dollars. Quality content allows brands to engage with consumers in a way they crave to be engaged. And it shows. According to an analysis by Search Engine Watch, websites that have weak online content see a 19.5% reduction in organic traffic, while websites with strong online content see a 42.6% increase.

Content marketing allows brands to serve as their own publishers, making them responsible for all the information they produce and enabling them to personally tailor their brand message. With great power comes great responsibility, and with that responsibility comes the potential for valuable consumer relationships.

The more time your consumers spend interacting with your content, the more educated they become, and the more they see you as a credible resource. Content marketing may take longer to convert leads, but over time it significantly drives conversion costs down. Unlike traditional advertising, which typically aims to cultivate positive brand associations, content marketing also holds the power to develop brand advocates.

Make your content last longer by staggering your distribution, serializing your story, updating your content yearly and continually finding compelling ways to repurpose information you have already shared. If you continue to nurture your content and keep it fresh and relevant, the returns and benefits of your efforts can produce endless results.

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