7 Reasons Why Quality Content is Worth the Investment
03 May 2016

Ever since Google’s search engine took over the Internet, SEO, website design and loaded content have become more important than ever before. Just getting traffic to your website is a hurdle of its own. Amidst all the potential scams and bogus information piling up in the World Wide Web, people are incredibly skeptical and, as such, search for reliable sources. Whether they search for actual information, entertainment or for products, people don’t want to visit websites they feel could harm their computer security or that are full of useless and unhelpful advice and info. This is where quality content kicks in. What follows are seven of the top reasons why you should only invest in quality content.

1. It Performs
There’s no doubt that quality content performs better. Like well-trained athletes, well-written content rises to the top. It outshines the under-researched and under-developed content.

Quality content actually provides value. This simple and underrated statement is what some businesses overlook. With the ever-changing pace Google works at, SEO and keywords will soon be even less important. While they’ll still be necessary to consider, actual content is becoming increasingly important.

Google is attempting to create a search engine that is more useful to Internet users, rather than marketers, so SEO and keywords won’t suffice. You’re going to need actual, valuable information and insightful, compelling content to provide real returns in search results and website traffic. That’s why quality content performs and why it will perform exponentially well over time.

2. The Long-term ROI is Definitive
Probably the most important reason quality content is worth the investment is that with content that performs, the long-term ROI is virtually guaranteed. Readers will return to read more from a source they feel actually helped them the first time.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whether Oscar Wilde or Will Rogers said it first, it bears the truth. For decades, people have been loyal to newspapers and magazines that have provided them with quality content. If they find a website gives them valuable information the first time, they will consistently reference that website again and again.

Quality content assures your readers won’t feel cheated and will return. As a result, the long-term ROI is there. Building a readership comes from building a returning audience. No Internet outlet can rely solely on first-time readers to keep their visitor count up. It’s vital to build an audience that continuously comes back for more, and they’ll only keep coming back if they find quality content waiting for them. Your investment in that quality content is the only way to build a real audience that won’t dissipate.

In an article for Forbes, Stephen Diorio wrote, “The quality of marketing content impacts the ability of marketers to drive top line growth with digital, social, native advertising, and mobile channels. And salespeople need insightful content to help open doors, start meaningful conversations, and sell value.” He continued saying, “The bar on content quality is rising.” This illuminates the multiple ways in which quality content can be utilized. From advertising to the sales force, quality content is necessary to create a meaningful relationship between your company and the consumer. So whether you focus on providing articles and information or selling a product, quality content is relevant and necessary for your success.

In another Forbes article, Daniel Newman wrote that “Brands Will Realize It Is SEO AND content, Not One or the Other.” That’s why it is important that you don’t fall behind the pack and fill up on low-quality content when the saturation of low-quality content is about to spread across the web in absurd volumes that nobody will pay attention to. Focus on providing quality content that people will look for and count on.

According to statistical data from the Content Marketing Institute, 75% of B2B small business marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago and 60% of B2B small business marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months. Writing and design are the functions that B2B small business marketers are most likely to outsource. To be more specific, 61% said they outsource writing. Clearly, the need for content in general is rising and the need for written content is rising the most. Consistently coming up with new ideas and valuable information is a tall order, which is why companies frequently outsource their written content.

A study done by Kapost and Eloqua revealed that content marketing ROI garnered three times more ROI than a paid search. If you want to keep up or stay ahead of the pack, you need continuous quality content to provide that ROI you’re looking for.

3. It is Evergreen
Quality content lasts forever. Well-written and researched articles can be used years, even decades down the road after they have been published. Information is forever relevant, especially good information. And, published content never fades away – it stays out there forever! Information never goes out of style and for that reason it will keep generating traffic to your website. People will always have access to your premium content, which means your content will forever be useful and available to readers and consumers.

4. Builds Authority
Providing quality content asserts a position of authority. Consistently showcasing knowledgeable information shows you’re a source readers can trust. It makes you an authority on information.

Showcasing quality content related to your product, elicits feelings of trust from consumers. Reading about your product develops their sense of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of your product. This authoritative position allows you to influence readers and consumers to better their lives with your valuable information.

As well, when reading your content, audiences are developing a relationship with your company and that makes them feel more tied to you, as they have in some fashion invested their time. It can even play into the Law of Obligation. They could conclude that because you have provided them with valuable information, they have almost an obligation to support your website, your information or your product. By doing this, they make you an even bigger authority on the subject.

5. Increases Backlinks
Any content can increase backlinks, but quality content increases the right type of backlinks. Google will actually remove your website from their search results if they find your website is loaded with garbage or spam links. Additionally, Google will penalize you for any attempt at black hat or backend techniques.

In 2011, Google penalized Overstock for offering discounts to schools that put anchor specific links on their website. For this, Google removed Overstock from their first page search results for two months, which cost Overstock a 5% decrease in revenue. Investing in quality content will keep you in the clear, keep you in the search results and keep your reputation unblemished.

6. It’s More Secure
Low-quality content is often loaded with harmful backlinks and, as mentioned, that can really hurt your chances of being found on a Google search. Not only does it hurt your chances of website traffic, it also hurts your potential customers who will almost certainly never return to your site. Building a returning audience is out of the question with garbage links.

7. Enhances the Power of Your Website
Let’s say you sell a product. If you haven’t caught on, many upcoming products and start-ups are including a blog with on their website. This increase in quality content is increasing the backlinks and volume of information provided on their website to boost their chances of being found in a search. It also keeps Internet users on their website for a longer period of time.

A key component to marketing success is branding your product and having a blog with quality content shows the lifestyle of your product. That lifestyle is essential in the branding of your product. If you had a blog with low-quality content, this would merely indicate that a low-quality lifestyle is associated with your product, thereby discouraging shoppers.

However, by providing quality content that your users read and relate to, you are providing them with yet another reason to purchase your product. The more content your website provides, the better chances it will show in search results. The better the quality of that content, the better the odds that people will actually use your website and continue to use it.

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